"Travel" is a bizarre island exactly like the UFO's residence

"Travel" is a bizarre island exactly like the UFO's residence

If you ever fall into a long sleep and wake up on the island of Socotra then surely, you will start to think that you have been abducted by aliens to somewhere beyond Earth.

Socotra Island in Yemen, located in the Indian Ocean.

It has a very special ecosystem.

Socotra (also known as Soqotra) is one of the four major archipelagos of the Indian Ocean. The Socotra Islands include the islands: Socotra, Abd al Kuri, Samhah and Darsa, with a total area of about 3,800 square kilometers, belonging to the Republic of Yemen (Southwest Asia).

Socotra Island is located 240km east of Africa and 380km south of the Arabian peninsula. Called an island (formed by volcanic eruptions) but in fact, Socotra has a continental origin, so geologists have not found traces of volcanoes here.

The name Socotra is a Sanskrit word, an ancient Indian language, meaning "island of happiness". If you are still in doubt about this name, Socotra has beautiful beaches, isolated from the outside world and has a wonderful ecosystem with its own unique identity.

Socotra has beautiful, wide beaches and limestone caves that can be up to 7km long.

The harsh dry and hot climate has allowed exotic flora to thrive on this island.

Socotra's flora and fauna is extremely rich with more than 700 species and especially more than a third of which are not found anywhere else on Earth.

According to scientists studying Socotra, many of the plants here are more than 20 million years old. The first is the Dragon's Blood Tree. This is the raw material for many healing potions, the dye is predicted to be used in medieval ghost rituals. The branch was very long, spreading like the sky covering the ground. Looking down from above, we will see them like giant mushrooms.

The mushroom-shaped forest looks exactly like the home of... aliens, right!

The dragon's blood tree has a very special growing branch.

Another special plant species is the desert rose (Desert Rose, scientific name: Adenium obesium) with a body as big as elephant legs.

The species Dorstenia gigas also attracts the attention of scientists when it can grow without soil and sand. Their roots cling to the rocky mountains. Some trees are also differentiated by weather and climate, so they have the same shape as the victory symbol (V - Victory).

Desert roses.

The tree is shaped like the symbol of victory (Victory).

Socotra is also a haven for over 140 different bird species, 10 of which are endemic to the island, meaning you won't find them anywhere else. It is the unique Socotra warbler, starling, sparrow, cormorant… all familiar species discovered here.

In July 2008, Socotra Island was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage because of its unique and untouched beauty.

In addition, visitors can visit the seabed to have the opportunity to admire the shipwrecks, experience for themselves the feeling of horror mixed with a little bit of excitement that has so far only been observed through science films.